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Dear PTO/PTA President;

The Situation

A plague is affecting grade school children in America - - - - - - - Heal Lice !
  • Head lice is the most frequently occurring communicable disease among grade school children,
    except for the common cold.                       Medical Abstract Public Health Nurse (2000)
  • In the U.S. there are 10 to 12 million cases of head lice a year - - - and rising.
                                                                                            National Pediculosis Association
Head lice have become resistant to the pesticides that used to kill them.
  • Up to 40% of American head lice survive pesticide treatments. Lice that survive one pesticide will
    likely survive others.                          Miami, Florida University/Panama 10 year Study update (2000)
  • Pesticides kill only 20% of the lice eggs (nits).                       Townsville, Australia Study (1999)
All of the above keep your children and classrooms infested.
  • Children miss days, weeks, even months of school. That translates into lost learning opportunity.
  • Schools with the lowest attendance, score lowest on proficiency tests.
  •                                                                              Buckeye Institute For Public Policy Solutions
The Problem

Typically, there are no School District, City, County, State, or Federal budgets for head lice , except for
Medicaid. Under Medicaid, families who qualify financially, can get free lice products, but they only
cover prescription pesticides or nerve toxins.
  • Our Government has strict guidelines for the use of pesticides in agriculture. But it has no laws
    controlling their use on children.
  • For health risks associated with pesticide & nerve toxins, see Smart Facts About Lice enclosed.
In spite of no funding, head lice is a hot button with parents and schools.
  • Schools have to deal with it.
  • Parents blame the schools.
  • Children get embarrassed over it.
  • Pesticide resistance increases days absent.
  • Chronic children keep classrooms infested.
  • When a child misses enough school, court actions embarrass everyone.
Your grade school children need your help to solve these problems, for which no one will take ownership.

The Solution

With the enclosed program, your PTO/PTA is ideally situated to solve these problems, and create a
lasting legacy.

  • As parents, you are all affected by this problem.
  • As an organization, you are able to supply or raise the small amount of start-up money.
  • Your organization has the people power to promote & publicize the program.
  • You have access to and influence with school officials.
  • By maintaining ownership of the cash & inventory, you solve school budget & audit problems.
  • When schools need to solve chronic cases, they can buy from your inventory, one bottle at a time.
  • Kids are back in school the next day. Everybody wins.