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 Organic Skin Care


           Keeping your skin looking clear, unblemished
               and youthful is a three-step process.


   Step One:
     Stop using chemical cosmetics and soaps with harsh ingredients
    that cause so many skin problems.

  Step Two:
     Start using natures organic products with ingredients that
     target your specific skin needs.

  Step Three:
     Begin a daily skin care routine, with your new organic
     products, to help you counter-act the effects of life style,
     environmental stress, personal stress, heredity or aging.


Organic Skin Creams and Lotions

1. Our creams and lotions bring more oxygen to the skin, 
    causing the appearance of your skin to dramatically improve.
2. Three separate skin softeners work so well, they soften the
    delicate skin around the eyes, or the hard calluses on the feet.
                            Organic Cleanser / Toner

1. Dermal Enzyme Cleansing Formula is natures perfect cleanser,
       Exfoliator & toner
2. It dissolves dead skin cells, and organic debris from the skin’s outer
    surface without removing the natural oils beneath the surface.
3. No abrasive scrubbing is needed. Ideal for sensitive skin.
4. The Toning effect is so dramatic, you can feel your
    skin tightening
within 5 minute after cleansing.  Perfect for
     all skin types. 


     The organic ingredients in our
    products were selected for the
 specific skin conditions they target.

 Dermal Awakening Formula

  1. # 1 in skin penetration among all essential oils.
  2. Keeps the outer skin moisturized against the harsh winter weather, or
      in the hot summer sun. Creates a protective barrier against moisture loss
  3. Delivers omeda 3, 6 and 9 essential oils to newly developing skin cells.
  4. Contains natural sun protection.

                               Dermal Repair & Rebuild Formula
Natures Own Anti-Aging Healer.

   Dr. Ivan Danhoff worked with the active ingredient in Dermal Repair & Rebuild Formula for 30 years. To test, being right handed, he always applied the material to the back of his left hand. Now his right hand is typical of a
70 year old with thinning, wrinkled skin covered with blemishes, while his left hand is clear, and smooth and looks 30 years younger.

    Good for: itchy skin, acne, rosaccea, first degree burns, sun burn,
   minor cuts and scrapes, psoriasis symptoms and warts. 

   Our Dermal Repair & Rebuild Formula also interferes with the appearance of liver spots in aging skin.

   To keep your hands young looking, follow Dr. Danhoff’s example.

 What do other clients say about our Organic Skin Care Products?

   “Dermal Anit-Wrinkle Formula makes my face feel wonderful. I can
feel it sink into my skin. It feels soothing and comfortable. It’s
not greasy, & doesn’t stain my clothes. Fine lines disappear
around my eyes and mouth
. My skin is more firm and filled out.
I’ve never used anything I like better”

Jean Sturtevant - Milwaukee, WI

   “My outer skin feels soft yet moist.  My inner skin feels younger
and fuller. When I press my finger against my skin, then remove it,
the impression restores to normal more quickly.”

   “Other products I’ve used only coat the outer layer of skin.
Dermal Awakening Formula penetrate more deeply. They leave my skin soft
and young looking - and lasts all day & night. I love it.” 

Carole Evans - Cleveland, OH