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 Organic Hair Loss Program


       Our “At-Home” hair re-growth program includes
             5 separate hair growth technologies. Two are
             backed by double blind tests.

What do you get ?

1. Nutritional Scalp Formula.
2. Follical Awakening Formula.
3. Herbal Re-growth Formula..
4. Nutritient Supplements For Hair & Skin.
5. Organic Scalp & Follicle Cleanser.


What can you expect ?

 1. To keep the hair you now have, and to grow out
     thin, fine stunted hair that you are about to lose.
 2. To awaken resting hair follicles that will start
     re-growing hair.
 3. To invigorate dormant hair follicles to begin
     re-growing hair.  

What research supports these claims ?

1. Nutritional Scalp Formula is backed by
   27 years of
clinical research. It is our
   # 1 selling product.
2. Follicle Awakening Formula is supported by a
    double blind scientific study at Boston University Research Hospital.
3. Herbal Re-growth Formula is supported by a
    double blind scientific study in a Scotland
  Reseach Hospital.

4. Hair, Skin & Nails supplements are backed
    by studies in Biotin, Organic Sulfur,
    and MSN.

5. Natural Scalp & Follicle Cleanser eliminates
    the hair mites that contribute to hair loss, dissolves
    scalp oils that contain di-hydrotestosterone and
     other body waste and cleans away harmful bacteria.
               Backed by enzyme studies.


Why is Rx Nutritional Scalp Formula the
number one seller of all of our products

 Because research shows this amazing product treats hair loss caused by: 
  a. Stress
      b. Heredity
         c. Nutrition
           d. Circulation
              e. Protein Deficiency
                 f. Aging

 Everyone who uses it says their hair grows faster. They tell us they need haircuts more often.


What do other clients say about the program?

 o 15 years ago, my twin brother & I received free consultations. We both inherited our dad’s hair loss. I entered the program. He didn’t. Today, I have 70 % of my hair. He has none. Sorry Mike.
                                     J.M. (Parma, OH)


 o  20 years ago, my temples thinned out to where you could see my scalp. I started using the Nutritional Scalp Formula program. That hair grew back, & now, 20 years later, you still can not see the scalp in my temples. It’s wonderful,  but don’t expect an over night miracle.
  It does what you want for the long haul.  J.R. (Cleveland)