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         De-Bug Lice Oil - 4 oz.

Quotation:      "The people who buy De-Bug Lice
                         oil really like it. Combing out
                         nits is so much easier"
                               Joyce Richmond - Nursing Director
                                         Marion County Health Dept. - Ohio

     Girls! Do you remember how it hurt when your
mom combed or brushed your hair? That goes on for
hours when you get head lice.
      That's why we developed De-Bug Lice Oil.
 Use alone, or as Step 2 after using De-Bug Shampoo.
The nit glue gets soft, the hair detangles easilly, the
hair shaft gets lubricated, and the nits just slide off.
      In addition, it keeps killing the lice all the time
you're combing.

      When you're finished, your hair is thoroughly
cleaned, re-conditioned and re-moisturized. It will feel
silky smooth and have a beautiful shine.