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A Scientific Hair Analysis System To Study Hair

             Healthy hair requires an ideal balance
                            between elasticity and tensil strength.

    1. A Tricho-gram stretches a single hair strand until it breaks.
    It measures both elasticity and tensil strength (break point).
    Hair with high elasticity
    and low tensil strength tends
                to be limp and lifeless, and lacks body and structure.
           b. Hair with high tensil strength and low elasticity
                tends to be dry, brittle and breaks or splits easily.

    2. A Tricho-graph shows an on screen ultra-sound color picture
         of the hair strand,
    it’s diameter, cuticle layers, body (cortex),
        and center core (medula).

           a. Hair damage caused by chemical treatments vividly shows up
                as breakdowns in these layers,
    b. For example; the short hair strands that bind together
                to form the cortex (main body) will either break down &
                collapse into the medula, (or) by the time it gets 12 inches long,
                there may be no cuticles left at all.

        3. The most significant product to come out of this research is
            our Nutritional Scalp Formula, our #1 selling product.

             We did hundreds of Tricho Analysis in our
               Problem Hair Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

1. With Tricho-Analysis, we witnessed the quality and structure
        of our client’s hair improve over time, once they stopped
        using cosmetics that contained harsh chemicals.

    2. These studies were critical in helping us formulate our
        organic product line, to target specific problems.

    3. As we developed new safe organic products, the hair quality
        improved more quickly and more dramatically.